Most people around me are getting annoyed when i switch from 1/4 to 1 to 4 watts, which sucks since that's the perfect amount of volume for use with my distortion pedal,
i love my Vox ac4tv, but I really don't like having to switch to a 1/4 watt, and lose all my tone, or turn the damn thing off.. any advice?

I've heard attenuators are good for lowering volume, but i'm not sure of which type would work with my combo without requiring a speaker cabinet (I don't play live yet. so i don't need something REALLY loud)

I currently am leaning towards a Dr. Z - Z-Brake Lite - Compact Attenuator, but I really don't want to mess with the inside of my amplifier and take a chance on ruining it.

Any and ALL advice appreciated
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The 1/4 watt setting on the AC4 is the result of an attenuator - there are two little L-pads in the AC4 for the 1 and 1/4 watt settings that do just what a Brakelite does, except non-adjustable. Any other attenuator you use, unless you get a super expensive one, is going to do exactly the same thing to your tone.

Sounds like you might need a POD or something you can play headphones through. You're not going to get much quieter than an AC4 on the 1/4 watt setting, unless you're cranking it to get gain. If that's the case, grab an OD or distortion pedal and use that for your dirt.
as stated before the 1/4 watt setting is already an attenuator . so adding another attuanator wont help

i think you just found by yourself that IMO any tube amp is too loud for a bedroom /appartment if you live with other people in it . even a 4 watts vox is still too loud . Theres a minimum playing volume for a tube amp to sound decent ( i mean a level where you pass the stage where you only hear the tube HISS ( not very pleasable sound ) and its above tv /speaking volume .

im in the same situation , i play with headphones 100 % of the time cause everyone is sleeping in the house at the hour i play . so yes modeling gear ( i use a rocktron voodu valve , the best thing i heard thru headphones yet ) . Unfortunatly its gonna be like that for a few other years .. so i got use to that reality and thats ok .. cause the rocktron sound very good with headphones which is not the case for VYPYR , Tonelab , Vamp , cube , microcube etc.. ive had them all and kept the voodu valve cause its the best for headphones playing . it just sound realistic .. thanks to rocktron speaker simulation which is awesome .

so if you happen to be unable to play in your room cause your diturbing people .. grab a cheap AMPLUG for 40 $

Vox amplug are good for the price you pay .

but the rocktorn vooduvalve is totally the best thing ive heard thru headphones . will cost you around 300 .
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