I'm going on abit of a spending spree, I just brought a Vyper 100W ampflifier, I'm planning on buying a Shecter Omen 8 string guitar, and I want something to shred with.
I've decided I'm tuning my Warlock around Drop C and D standard, Taking my V down to Drop A and obviously the string gauge's will be different, but I will get sick of retuning my guitar to standard anyway, so I want some slick axe that'll stay in standard or drop d that works well with lighter gauge strings and a low action for slick shredding,
budget $650 AUD Max, preferbly a pointy shape, recommend me some direction to head in.

Or would a Omen 8 String suffice, after all it's basically a guitar in standard with an extra B and F#.

Btw I'm not really sure what exact metal subgenre, basically EVERYTHING from Power to Death to Black to Thrash and Metalcore.
Don't buy a Schecter 7 or 8 string. If you're going for a 7-string, go for an Ibanez. Schecters are too chunky feeling for my tastes. I play black metal, death metal, power metal, folk metal and prog metal and my Jackson Kelly KE3 Pro is an amazing guitar for all of those. I've had it in E, Eb, D and drop C and it works well in all of them but seems happiest in standard or half a step down haha. Don't go for low-end Kellys though. They are total shit. I honestly can't vouch for the new KE2 or KE3's since mine is from 99 before Fender bought em. I know that they use different pickups, but that's definitely a guitar to consider. Go for used if you want to stay in that price range too. I've done that and got a $900 and a $1000 (USD so very comparable) guitar both for considerably below your budget. Hope that helps.
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