yeah this song is not the best song i wrote but i just wanted to share it. sorry if it the too long. the verses are rapped out by the way.

Make The Hip Hop

we gotta make the hip hop, hip hop,
raise your hands bounce your heads,
no please dont stop,
gotta make the hip hop,
no messing around we gotta bring this track to the top,
hip hop.

(verse 1)
yo hop little bunny jump,
oh you gotta bump,
forget the hump,
you gotta make the tunes,
make the beat make the boom,
like the heart from the womb,
we just got born no time to loose,
yeah time goes by when your having fun,
but its all long and done,
when theres no more sun,
but the strings from the voilin,
bring the sun in,
then its bright again,
like when the verse begins,
yeah we just let it rhyme,
we rap every word that comes up in our mind,
and when the beat is fine,
we feel alright,
but we`ll feel even better,
if people see us in their sights.


(verse 2)
so grab the hypnotisers,
those synthesizers,
well hypnotise those who try to out ride us,
we`ll stuff the loops in the their throats,
maybe that will help them float their boats,
yeah the musics so hot they gotta take off their coats,
yo thats how well roll,
we sent out a message for those on the doll,
those who always fall,
we`ll pick em up,
and say look,
theres a piano,
lets play with the heart come on lets go,
they may say this raps crap but so what,
but they aint got the power that i got,
to make the tune rock,
bring it straight to the top,
come everyone make the hip hop.

little bunny

Your entire "hip hop" credibility was destroyed by the first line of the first verse. Congratulations.

I'm assuming this was written for children or young devout christian teens?
Music is an art form that celebrates potential. So long as you're looking for it, you'll always find it.