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Well, I'm working on refurbishing a cheat Stratocaster copy. I have all the screws taken out of the pickgaurd, removed the strings, popped the volume/tone knobs off, and the plastic cap taken off of the selector switch. I should have left the guitar laying down and unscrewed the strap buttons, but I thought it would be easier to get to the screws if I stood the guitar up on my bed. The pickgaurd (still connected to the wiring for the selector switch and pickups) fell and all the wiring got kinda mixed up. That kinda got me to thinking, the strings were old, the pickups, tuners, screws, and bridge were quite rusted, so the wiring must not be in great shape. Could I just completey take it apart and replace all the wiring in the guitar?
(This is my first time fixing up an old guitar, so I don't know exactly what to do, and probably don't know what I'm talking about haha).

A few questions:

How can I get all of the old wiring out?
Any website of something that I could visit for instructions on the actually rewiring of the guitar?

Any other advice y'all could give would be greatly appreciated
If you make bad solder joints won't it be just as bad as before?
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I am not, but my dad has said that he'd help me with some stuff like that.

Make sure you get some practice first. Otherwise you're just going to have to keep redoing it, and get frustrated as fuck. Trust me, I learned the hard way.

I'd recommend getting something along the lines of these. They'll give you a decent idea of what you're doing.

Then just get yourself some wire (~22awg, I prefer shielded myself) and work off a diagram like this .
Yes, it's fairly easy to wire up a simple 3 coil strat, prolly the easiest wiring to do out of anything.

Use this diagram for wiring it up and you shouldn't have any problems.