I'm playing a gig next week. Because there are no monitors for it, we've been told it would be a good idea to have the guitar amps faceing the bands on stage.. and then plug the amps into the PA so the audience hear it through the PA and the bands hear it through their own amps.

1) Is this a good idea or not? i've never heard of it done before.
2) Which plug on the amp would be the one that goes into the PA?

They decided plugging it straight in would be better than using mics, to avoid feedback.

Can someone help me please :')

Thanks, Jam
A) Wrong forum.

B) Plugging an amp into a PA system that is not designed for plugging into a PA(which most are not) is a bad idea, and will sound like utter junk.

C) Just mic up the amps, it will save you alot of headache, and possibly money from not blowing up the PA system or your amp.