Hey there Pit, whats crappenin?

So i just got done with my first semester of college, and im transferring to another school closer to home. I just finished taking Russian 101 and 102 (they do both in 1 semester here) and i want to take 201 at my new school. The only thing is that they only offer it as a distance learning class. So id have to basically sit in front of a computer while someone at a school 4 hours away teaches the class to a camera.

I already speak Russian to a certain degree (i was there 2 summers ago for 3 months studying), so its not like its necessarily going to be difficult. But i really think my interest is going to wane fast if im not actually in a class.

Have any of you guys done a distance learning class, and how did it end up working out? Could you stay focused and get through it, or was it pretty brutal?