As the title says, my voice almost always starts becoming croaky as I start singing higher. No matter what I do, it is so uncommon for it to disappear. Sometimes if I sing gently through it, it disappears. Then it feels like my throat has opened up entirely, and it feels like my throat literally "warms" up. I hope someone knows what I'm talking about haha, I can only guess that that feeling is what people refer to when they say they're warmed up...

Yet it doesn't happen very often for me. I love singing and I love my voice when it's like that. I'll be singing gently all day, and only a few times, by the time it gets late at night, will my throat finally open up and I can sing. Next day, it diminishes, and some of the croakiness starts to return.

Oddly enough, almost every time I go to a concert and try to scream with the bands, the next day, my voice will feel a lot lighter and it's opened up more. I don't really scream from the throat, though, but more often than not, my voice ends up sounding nicer the next day, but not perfect. It croaks out when i try to hit really high notes.

I practice some speech level singing warm up exercises...sometimes they'll help me achieve that warming up sensation, but more often than not, I feel like my throat gets worn out. It doesn't necessarily hurt, but it won't help my voice just flow out...

Can anyone help me out?
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Yep, i know what you are talking about.
Make sure you drink enough water, some before you start (makes it easier to warm up your Vocal chords) and in between your singing excercises.
Make also sure that you train your diaphragm. A well trained diaphram easier pulls down the larynge musculatur (what will help you "opening" up)

Start your warm up very gently, mostly by humming, though even before I'd do some exercises with my diaphragm.
There are many more things but that should be fine for the start.
Mikael Âkerfeldt : I stick to drinking whiskey... One bottle a day keeps the doctor away...
or was it one glass? (laughs)
Maybe you're right about the water thing, I don't know if I drink enough. I drink about 6-8 glasses a day, but I only drink about one glass when I'm trying to warm up... I kept thinking that maybe it was that I was doing the wrong technique or something, but maybe it's just a matter of staying hydrated. I'll give it a shot for a few days.
Apples are nice to eat, and nice to the throat too. I find that food in general (except spicy and food with too much dairy) tends to restore my voice quite well.

I find my voice gets croaky after singing a while probably due to imperfect technique and tired laryngeal muscles. If I sing a bit fuller, the croakiness goes away but comes back again if I'm too quiet. This croakiness I'm referring to is vocal fry and happens when the larynx is engaged a little bit and being a bit lazy. When I sing fuller, the larynx does some work and consequently the result is better.

Another thing I find helpful is doing "ooo" in head voice, bringing that quality down to the chest voice and trying to maintain the same feeling whilst singing fuller.

Sometimes though, I'm just too damn tired and the voice just doesn't respond. Such is the peril of a living instrument.
Thank you for the reply! After eating certain foods, I do feel as if my voice was better.

After a little testing, i've found that not drinking enough water seems to really really help, but I can't say for absolutely sure until i've tested it more (reason being that I always think I've found the cure, but then it stops working for some reason)

Drinking more water, combined with singing at a quieter volume (not trying to be loud or forceful) has helped me give my throat endurance, and it actually warms it up, rather than gets hoarse and impairs my ability.