Haha wow this is great. Very polished. How did you compose this? What software did you use?
And yeah it sounds like it could be on a medieval/fantasy movie!
Also, is the game coming out on android too by any chance? :P

Oh if you have 2 minutes : https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1502616

A listen would appreciated, thanks
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NeptuneUK -> i composed it in midi, then imported it in fruity loops and applied some EWQL VSTs on it (symphonic orchestra and stormdrum)
and no, for now there's no plan to release that game for other platforms. ^^"
Wow, totally professional sounding. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for this game.
The piece stays exciting and has lots of variation, I really have no complaints. Good soundtracks just make games so much better and immersive, even though this is for an iPhone game I feel like it will really be a cool addition.

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This is put together flawlessly. and your sound libraries are like spot on. I honestly don't have a good enough ear to really tell this is all digital unless I really concentrate on it.
well done sir.
thanks for the crits :}
I just heard the track, and i feel like im in the lord of the rings. I think you did a great job in making a majestic sound, especially with all the strings. sounds like a real orchestra
ok so im listening to it right now and i really like how around a minute and thereafter you have the intensity pulling back into a fastasty-sounding bit and that goes back and forth without losing the overall drive. the whole structure of this is perfect. i got a chuckle between 2 and 2:30 when it gets quiet, it reminds me of leaving the title screen up and getting a snack or something and coming back and thinking wtf is this song? because usually you only hear the first 4 seconds 10,938 times as you pass through the menu. thats not to slight it at all though, it gives a certain appreciation to know that even if you dont always here all of it, its all there and it all sounds great in its ebb and flow. strong ending as it works back up to a peak, but still keeping that slow denouement vibe. this might be a noob question but when you say you composed it in midi, i know the midi file type but what did you use to make the midi file type? ive used FL but im a complete amateur at it ( more on that if you check out my C4C link) but hearing this and your sneaking around track its really inspiring me to get to know my way around this stuff more.

i posted this on the sneaking around not realizing you had another song here but i didnt say much on that video, so now its a more deserved c4c
thanks man.

for the midi part, might sound a bit noobish but i compose it in guitar pro, :P then export that as a midi file, import it in FL and then apply the different VSTs. Will listen to your track now.
Hey dude, thanks for your crit!

Overall it sounds really professional and polished. I'm not sure if I can comment on the mix here, since I only have my headphones to listen, but it sometimes sounds a bit, I don't know, dull? Could be my headphones, tough.

There is not much to say composition wise (on the downside), I might have left the musicbox and piano play alone without the second melody in the background at around 2:00, it would have brought out the main melody a bit more. Otherwise, everything sounds perfectly fine to me!

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Thanks for the feedback. Yea i get what you by the "dull" parts. I still have a long way to learn about dynamics and whatever it's called, plus in arranging and interchanges between the different instruments of an orchestra.