Hi ive been playing guitar for about 7 years and ive always had problems with timing and keeping the groove. Everyone always tells me i cant keep up with the groove. I tried practicing with a metronome. When I play I tap my foot to try and keep time. Any tips? Thank you
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Yeah... keep practising with a metronome...

You can't just try it and stop. Practising with a beat is something you will always do as a guitarist. If you can't keep time with the metronome, slow it down (though not ridiculous amounts - for example it's hard, but not impossible, to keep time with 10bpm)
Yep, keep practicing.

IMO, good rhythm and timing are things you maintain rather than learning them once then calling it a day. I've been playing a long time and I still play along with metronomes and other rhythm exercise tools (loop stations, drummers, etc.)

On average, how many days per week do you practice and how many hours per session?

If you've never recorded yourself, you might start. Listen to yourself a couple days later and critique your performances.

Have you done several note fraction exercises? That is, where you play only the last 16th note at the end of each quarter note (1 e and A, 2 e and A), then the 3rd 16th note of each quarter note (1 e AND a, 2 e AND a) and so on?
Make a drum kit out of your guitar. Something like this:
I like to separate the low E for the bass kick and the high strings for snare

In my opinion timing and rythm are related but are different concepts... Timing has to be developed, it's your conection to your instrument. Rythm on the other hand I think it's somewhat inate. I'm going to use a dirty word around here but rythmically you really just have to relax and feel it (the groove).
If you start trying to keep up with the metronome your gonna be off... what you have to do is relax and sync in.

You can also find an acappella and see if you can find the pulse. I've always been able to do it (used to DJ a while back), so I don't know if it works well as a progression exercise, but it's probably the hardest situation to find the beat of a song, guess it's worth a try. Start with rap songs, it's almost like their drumming with their words.
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