So I've always been interested in recording, so I've decided to start helping out friends and people who need help doing some quick easy recording. I've already asked a few questions on other sites but I want some more information on what I need.

So far I know this:

- That depending on the pedal, most guitar and bass pedals will work when recording directly into the computer. If they don't I need to record from the amp (I'm not sure how the mic is suppose to be set up, such as distance from amp, and possibly even recording settings (I plan on using Audacity for final put together, and probably use LMMS to record.)

- I know that since I have one mic to record drums I need to place it about 2 meters away. (I am a very beginer drum player so if they need drums I might use a drum machine I have) But is there anything that you feel needs to be added on?

-Vocals need a pop filter

- I play bass but what is the best way to record clean bass if there is no effects needed? Analog or straight into the computer?

But what is the best way to record Acoustic Guitar, and other Acoustic instruments such as congas?

Also is there a free drum software that you could send to me? or any audio software?

Thanks very much
My advice is make sure you have a good computer. Even though mine is only about 3 or so years old and was around $900, it can barely run Reaper and I've gotten the blue screen at least 3 times when I was recording.
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