Hey guys i've been working on this for a few weeks now. I'm trying to cover some new ground for myself so don't be hateful lol. I've never really experimented much with this kinda stuff so be easy. Thanks for taking a look. All criticism is welcomed. Good or bad
This is quite the combination of styles. I sense the metalcore thoroughly, the djent is the least apparent, and the math is there in some ways. Its good.

all I would say is keep getting a feel for djent if you like it, and, this may sound ironic, but try to make it sound less tried-for. then I think this piece, or any after it, will soar.
one more thing: the sweepy part, say measure 31 on, reminded me of that Looney Tunes laugh. "Ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha, hahahahaha".
Thanks man. That means alot. Yeah I'm still trying to figure out the whole djent scene. To be honest, still not 100% sure how to describe it. I tried to incorporate a little of everything without washing it too much with many things.

Hahaha I thought the same too myself. I knew I heard that melody from somewhere but i couldn't put my finger on it. I'll hopefully throw up an updated version in a few days if you want to critic that when I do.
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Pretty good stuff keep it up bro. Only one tip though: GDGCFAD 7string

I still have a 6 string so I can only really think in a 6 string manner but I'm trying to learn the 7 string. Definitly something worth learning.
Awful, awful drums. Just horrendous. No sense of pulse or groove, they really need rewriting.
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