I have a 100w bass amp and my guitarist has a bass amp that's around 100w. Could I use a cheap 1/4" splitter and split the signal from my bass so that it goes into both amps and is therefore louder?
I'm trying to think how it would be louder...
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Yeah. You'd get half the signal going to each amp, so you'd have to crank the gain a bit more than usual, but yes that would work.


EDIT: You can get actual pedals designed for the job that would be better though. Some delay pedals have two outputs too.

Alternatively, if you have a two pickup bass, you could attach each pickup to its own output jack and have one going into each amp.
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Alternatively, if you have a two pickup bass, you could attach each pickup to its own output jack and have one going into each amp.

I've always wanted to do this. You could even have completely different effects chains for each pickup...seems like a lot of potential in this setup.

OP, if you end up trying what shinhoman suggests here, let me know how it comes out!

I'm not 100% sure of the following suggestion, but you might be able to get a couple of cheaper out-board preamps to go between the bass' splitter cable ends and the amps. That could give you an extra boost to make up for the split signal.

I can't think of anything that would be dangerous to the equipment in this situation. I'd say give the splitter a shot and see what happens, then start looking for alternative options if the signals are too weak.
The only tricky part is making sure they're not out of phase.
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Get a proper splitter as suggested above there are pedals meant for the job.
In the sense of "louder" it wont be louder db wise but you will hear it more and if you run them next to each other you will get bass coupling etc.athough keep in mind, unless your running two identical amps, the amps will need to be EQ'd together in the idea of it being one output. two good sounding seperately EQ'd amps run together won't always sound good together.

If you use a cheap splitter, you will lose signal. It won't damage any equipment at all but it's just probably counter productive for the application your after.
oh and the idea that when micing/DI'd. Will you be just micing or DI'ing one or would you be looking for a blend. If you are just micing/Di'ing one of them... then personally I would say get the sound guy to turn you up in your foldback and not lug 2 combo's around and just go the easy road of 1 amp. OR if it's purely for home/garage band styles then.... just do whatever, if your combo's sound bad then your just sounding bad to yourself unless you want to go the route of introducing stereo effects etc. which can get pretty cool.
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I've always wanted to do this. You could even have completely different effects chains for each pickup...seems like a lot of potential in this setup.

Regardless of it's versatility, like most effects, it does little unless you know where you are going to use it.

TS, why don't you see if you can send a signal from one amp to the others input? It will be a lot easier to make a working sound, I can assure you.
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Alright, thanks for the answers everybody. This question was actually largely hypothetical as most venues I play will be mic'd, in which case I would only use one amp. The only situation I could see myself doing this in would be if we play an outdoor venue and have to provide all our own equipment.

Unfortunately my bass has only one pickup, so I doubt I'll try the double output thing anytime soon. If it comes to it I might try the amp output -> other amp input idea though. I feel like that could bust the speaker of the second amp though if it wasn't rated for that amount of power though... I'll just have to do some research first.

If all else fails and this is actually a problem, I can always save up and get splitter pedal things or preamp pedal things or just buy a bigger amp since 100w can really only get me so far.
I have a p bass that I am adding a second p style pickup to the bridge, with two outputs so I can switch to having one come out each one then they both have tone and volume.

I recently bought a tube amp and I have a solid state (GK MB200, Peavey MK IV) so I can run a big clean sound and a gritty tube sound, so I can have a thick sound. My tube amp is actually stereo so I'd be having more like 3 amps running I guess if I use both sides.
I'm sorry, am I missing something here?

Of course it will be louder, two 100 watt amps (assuming they have speakers attached to them in some way) will be louder than one 100 watt amp.
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You can do lots of things with two amps.You shouldn't ever need to do wit for volume really,more for tones/sounds.
You could bi-amp,where you have a distortion on one amp,and the other clean,giving you tones of lows to your distorted sound.
You could run two separate sounds,sort of like the same idea behind double tracking guitar through different amps.
You could make use of stereo effects,like delay and phaser,where the sound will bounce between the two.
Have fun kiddo
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