im looking at buying some new tubes in my amp in the near future. Im playing through a peavey valveking head. Ive never had to buy tubes so im asking about some basic knowlege on them, and a good set up. I play alot of hard rock, thrash metal, and metal. The good kind. Advice??
This should answer all of your questions, they give tube descriptions and amp descriptions.
It's a great site, give it a read. http://www.eurotubes.com/

It seems to me like you'd want a high output set of tubes. Check what tubes are in your amp now and then ask yourself how your sound is. Do you want it tighter? Darker? More mids? More treble? etc. This is where you'll have to more than lkely decide between 6L6's and EL34's. Check which ones you have and then check what the characteristics of the other tube are and this should help you decide which ones you want.
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Eurotubes is great if you want JJs. That's because that is all they sell. I like JJs but there are other options out there. I also recommend you take a look at www.dougstubes.com

You really need to read through and then ask in The Only Valveking Thread and associated Wiki pages. Great tube recs in there. The Valveking only takes 6L6 power tubes.