I was thinking about changing from Ernie ball Skinny top Heavy Bottom to the Dunlop Heavy Core (Heavier) (11 - 50)
i know the low strings will be slightly thinner than i am used to, but i hear they are brighter and will last longer.

ive noticed i play better on thicker strings but prefer the tension of thinner ones, but obviously regular slinkys dont stay well in drop C.

i was just wanting some advice on if they would be suitable for Drop C (CGCFAD) tuning or are they designed for even lower than that?

what are your opinions on them, tone, string life, pinch and natural harmonics etc?

also i heard they have a plain 3rd string, is this true?
i played the ernie ball titanium coated in elevens for drop C for quite a while and those were by far my favorite strings i've ever played. they lasted forever and gave a great tone. the coating doesn't affect the feel or tone at all.

i've recently started playing just the regular ernie ball in 12's. if they made the titanium coated one's in a 12 i'd be playing those. but i'm a die hard ernie ball fan. haven't heard too many great things about dunlop strings though...

personally for strings i'd stick to a company that is very well known for strings (DR, ernie ball, elixir, etc)
yeah im a ernie ball man, but ive heard many good things about dunlop strings, such as their tone long life and the artists that use them, jim root, mick Thompson, rob flynn, matt heafy, mark morton and many more, they seem ideal for drop tuning

and thanks i may try out the coated ones
DR DDTs are the only strings I've tried made specially for downtuning, so they're the only ones I will suggest.