I caught myself playing way too much old-school games lately, and it inspired me to write a new piece.

This one was inspired by the game Sonic The Hedgehog 2, the second level (Chemical Plant) to be precise.

So, C4C? Please?
Sounds like Sonic to me.gp5
Sounds like Sonic to me.mid
Sounds like Sonic to me.gp4
I loved it!

You can 100% tell it's Sonic inspired.

There are some awesome harmonies in this.

Bar 14 - 17 are my favourites.
That thing reeks of Chemical Plant! It was pretty cool really, can't find anything bad about it (apart from maybe the too obvious similarities to CP), and it's maybe not as memorable as CP, but it's still very good nonetheless.

C4C? - Please look at the recording on my profile
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Man that was pretty cool. I really like the tracks Pista 6 & 7, the lead on them is good. Also, I really liked bars 14-18, really nice sound, it also works because you've gone from a lot of syncopation to some thing with clean timing, I like that a lot.

Obviously if I was mixing this there would be less reverb on the drums but I appreciate you can't do much about that on GP other than deaden it completely.

I also like the harmonies at bar 22.

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Apologies it's taken me so long to return the crit, been really busy recently.

Definitely sounds like this could be in a Sonic game. The bit starting at bar 10 really has a Chemical Plant vibe. I know how the Sonic music tends to be just like 32 bars of music that's then repeated, but I think there's nothing stopping you from making the repeat more interesting. It'd be cool if you added like a fast, high pitched melody fairly quietly in the background on the repeat.

One thing I think you could also do is add more layers to the music. Like, I think you should have more going on, they don't need to be strong melodies, but just subtle extra things, if that makes any sense. But I don't really have anything bad to say, it's catchy, sounds like it belongs in Sonic, and simply a good piece of music. Nice one

I know you started off by critting my piece, but seeing as your a Sonic fan, you think you could listen to my Sonic The Hedgehog Metal Medley? It's hard to get people's views on this because most of the people in this forum don't know the games so can't really judge my work, so it'd be appreciated if you had a listen.