Hey guys, sorry, not sure if this is the right section or not but please forgive me as I'm in need of assistance :O

I want to do some of my own recording VIA direct input from my Blackstar series one 100 Head, is it as simple as making the connection using a lead or or a lead of the XLR output straight into the mixer?

I should note I will most likely be using a Yamaha mw8 mixer
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You can use a Behringer Ultra-G to interface with the mixer. But you still need to use the cabinet. You can also tap across the speaker wire with a 1K resistor in series with a 100 ohm pot. The send the wiper of the pot to the mixer. Still need the cab for a load.

The Behringer has a 4x12 cab sim. If you don't use a cab sim then you may need to apply one after/during recording.
I do have a cab, I am using an Orange 4x12. So it is not as easy as connecting the blackstar to the mixer via XLR cable?

you can use the direct out.

but you still need your cab connected and everything.
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I feel like the biggest noob, but I'm not very familliar with this side of things and want to make sure before I make any purchases.

So from my knowledge, this should work?

Or maybe I'm completely off, ha :/
that will work as long as the head is connected to the cab and the mixer. just make sure thats done.

also is it an emulated output on the head or direct? because if its not emulated or anyhing your going to be very dissapointed

*EDIT* just saw it is emulated. idk how it will sound
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