This is another idea that I've started working on in my spare time at uni. It started off as wanting to make a simple catchy song, but got progressively more complicated as I was writing it.

I'm working on a vocal melody for it. Some sections don't even have drums yet, and there's no bass written at all yet, it's pretty rough for now but you should be able to get an idea of what it'd sound like.

So yeah, fairly generic chord progressions, pretty basic, but I just wanted to make a kinda poppy, catchy song. c4c of course.

EDIT: Wrote more of the drums on my train ride back home.
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Well, the first parts are pretty damn catchy and poppy. So yeah, goal achieved in there

I have some advices, however:
- You might want to use closed hi-hats in the verses, to make a bigger difference from the riff.

- Drums are may be too busy in the chorus. I don't know if it's me, but I think you should make it a little more basic in that section.

- The bridge and forward kind of get out of the whole "basic, catchy tune" concept. I like it, and you should keep it IMO, but if you really wants this piece to be simple and poppy, I think you should make it more "radio-friendly", if you know what I mean.

Thanks man, I tried using closed hi-hats but it kinda changes the energy of the song, and it didn't sound great. I guess I can see what you mean about the drums in the chorus, I can probably dim it down a bit.

And it's funny how you notice how it gets a bit complicated after the chorus, I originally wrote everything up to the chorus in one go, then came back to it a few months later and wrote the next sections. Didn't realise my two different mind sets were that obvious hah.
the intros is really catchy, you can really hear the pop influence especially when the drums come in with that simple beat (which fits perfectly btw). i also agree with the poster before me though that the verse is way too busy, i didnt look at how you labeled the parts when i listened through it my first time and it feels that the verse is still part of the intro and then the prechorus is the verse but yeah

i really like the guitars for the chorus but i feel that the vocal melody actually makes it worse in that specific part

bridge is so sick you have some parts in there i wish i wouldve made up myself, i also think verse B is more of a continuation of the bridge rather then a verse, it also shares next to no resemblance to the first verse which is strange lol but again very cool guitar work in that part

as for the drums, everything fits the guitars pretty well, but none of the drum parts really stood out for me. if you make this into a real song that will probably be fixed with the mix because gp has a really weak bass kick lol

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A very catchy, fun listen. I didn't really hear much that I had to complain about, although, personally, I wish there would have been more Post-Hardcore than Pop-Punk in it. ;P

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