I have a Vox AD50VT. I love it to death but it doesn't have an FX loop. I've recently started jamming with a loop station but obviously can't record my amp's effects on it. It would be sweet to record a loop of clean chords and be able to play some overdrive leads over it. So I have three options that I know of:

1. Find an amp technician in my area that can add an FX loop to my amp. This has been done successfully before and there's even a guide on how to do it online. (anyone know how much this would cost by the way?)

2. get a multiFX pedal and put it front of the loop station and plug those directly into the input of my amp. I've read that this makes it sound bad.

3. Get a new amp with an FX loop. If I do this do you have any recommendations? I'd need it to be loud enough to jam with a drummer and maybe even do small gigs with. If it had effects built in it would be a huge plus.

What do you guys think?
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Get a new amp. Combo...all tube...low wattage....with an effects loop. That would do your tone a HUGE favor.

What cheap, low wattage, tube combo has an FX loop?
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