I'm going to be redoing the logo on my Ibanez headstock.
The headstock is reverse, gloss black and blank.
I'll be using a white vinyl sticker, so do I need to rough up the gloss before clear coating it on?
Once it's applied, what is the best type of clear coat to use that wont eat the vinyl and will produce a level surface with the logo?
Cusp of Magic
You're going to want to use a nitrocellulose lacquer for the top coat. If the thickness of the decal is what I imagine it to be, it's going to take several coats to make the entire headstock surface smooth. A very light grit (like 220) sandpaper should be sufficient or even fine steel wool.

Another idea might be to get some water-slide decal stock, grab an image of the logo you want from the net and print it off with a decent quality color printer. These are much easier to manipulate when you apply them and will be much easier to "smooth out" when you apply your lacquer.
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