Extremely Haunting, i love the Acoustic being processed with Effects, that mid part was the best part for me, that one sustaining note, while other things are happening under it. Only thing that probably caught my ear that could be done different was i heard some clipping on the louder parts, but it has an industrial feel so you might have done that on purpose? Im using Headphones that were stepped on so that could be it too lol.

Overall great track, almost Film Score style.
This is a good backing track, but there is no melody/hook for it to be complete. You need to have one otherwise it just gets boring.
The acoustic guitar sounds amazing ! really nice effect on it. But when the drum comes in, the snare sounds a bit weird to me, and doesn't go well with the rest, and at some points there seems to be two different snares ?

That deep bass sound with the sort of tremolo/vib on it sounds really nice. But a bit too loud at some parts. (like from 3:15 to the end)

Melody wise it felt more like an ambient track, but a good one.

thanks for the review in my thread !
I also do not like the sound of the snare. Everything is really great sounding, and I feel like the snare just throws the whole thing off. It seems like you are using 2 snares, and I like the one that you use less often that isn't as "barky" sounding. If that's even a word. It just reminds me of a dog barking or something.
I really really enjoy this though, this isn't the kind of music I listen to, but I could see this being a soundtrack for a movie or a videogame or something. I like how you took elements from a lot of different genres and made something really unique.

Also, how did you record all of this? It sounds fantastic. Is it all done electronically?

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It really does have a sountrack feel to it. It reminds me of Linkin Park's instrumental things like cure for the itch. Except more musical. Good work.
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