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Depends. Do you mean ran away and never went back? 'Cause if so, then I moved out when I was 17. If not, then I think the first time I ran away I was 11.

edit oh lol, oarents wtf
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RIP oarents
I pretend to write songs.

If I die tomorrow, I'd be alright
Because I believe that after we're gone
The spirit carries on
My oarents were killed by a criminal when I was young.

From then on I decided to take on the mantle of the bat and fight crime.
I only had one oarent and I was orobably eight when I headed out on my own, only to find I wasn't smart enough to ooen up the can of beans I had taken with me, without a can ooener.
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Sadly this is Ultimate-guitar, not Simple-guitar. We can't help you.

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I hated my oarents. They never steered the boat in the right direction.

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My pun was just as incisive and no one even noticed it. Fuck y'all.

My oarents loved me, so I haven't moved or ran away from them yet. Though I live away from home during the school year, I still go home and work during the summer.
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I never had any oarents

Me neither. This is has come as a complete shock to me. I thought I was normal.
"You're not hardcore unless you live hardcore"
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I hated my oarents. They never steered the boat in the right direction.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Voted for Patron Çıldırdı.

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I weber wundenwood wy oarents wince dey ad a spweeck impwedment
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I'm cockblocked regularly by my appearance and personality.
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By the same token, is your name meant to be Pyface?

Well, obviously But OP made this account for me.
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wabbit season.

ssswuffering Swuccotash!!!
"You're not hardcore unless you live hardcore"
My oarents drowned.
I'm the same as I was when I was six years old
And oh my god I feel so damn old
I don't really feel anything
Never ran away, no need to. I ain't from no broken home

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wabbit season.

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btw im in hs and im almost 18 so if u do think she was flirting with me dont say that its wrong im almost a grown man.

༼ ▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿ ༽ WE ARE ROB ༼ ▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿ ༽
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I hated my oarents. They never steered the boat in the right direction.

Quoted cos i just got it lol this thread
12? That's serips.

My fplks were mpstly cppl, but I ran away frpm my oarents because they didn't get me the right Mighty Max tpy set. I was a orecpcipusly ouerile ounk pf a kid at best. Tp be fair, I barely left the orpoerty since I just went next dppr. Still, they were orpoerly oissed pff at me. Ph well.
I am a fake mountain.
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