I feel that my beats are solid and timing are good but my fills are boring. I have totally no idea what to do with my toms other than some basic drum rolls. Any ideas how to make my drum fills more exciting
Just start hitting stuff. Play a drum solo by yourself, and just go nuts. You'll probably do something really cool-sounding by accident. Then just figure out what you did so you can replicate it.
I wrote a guide on this back when the Drum Forum started up but we have never got round to finishing the guide completely, but my post is still there. Its like halfway down the page, dunno how much it will help you but hopefully it will

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2.) Once you have a good understanding of some rudiments, just experiment with them. Voice them differently by moving notes around on the toms and snare and so on.
3.) Try splitting notes between the hands and feet.
4.) Changing the value, like two beats of 16th note triplets and then two beats of 32nd notes is always cool.
Thanks guys. Will try all of these. Hope i'll be able to be more creative with my fills.
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This is the answer to every drum question.
try taking the basic underlying feel of the current beat you are playing and then when you are about to play a fill take that "feel" and play around with it on your drum set

for example:
If you are playing in a triplet feel with your beat then on your fill play something like this


(L= left hand, R= right hand, K= bass drum)

basically mix it up and feel it out