Hey guys,

I have a dean vmnt for over a year now and yesterday one of the volume nobs were loose, so I took it of and tightened it.
After I did that I plugged in and I didn't here a sound coming from the amp no matter what pickup I switched to.
I tried switching the pickup battery and it still didn't work so its not the pickups.
But what I did realise is that if you plug it in to an amp and knock on or next to the pickups it will make a thumping sound coming from the amp so the conclusion i got from that is that the pickups still work but there is a problem with the volume potentiometers.

Any Help?

get some new pots and a jack and re-wire it. 500k for humbuckers, 250k for single coil, 25k for actives. not the law, but this is the typical pot values to use.
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the knob might be loose so it stays in place, but doesn't really do anything to the pot. My bass has that kind of thing, although it grips, and then keeps spinning when the volume's full.
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Just check the wiring, try to resolder the pot. if it doesn't work - just change the pot.
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Just check the wiring, try to resolder the pot. if it doesn't work - just change the pot.
yeah but the only problem is, is that I don't know how to do that !
My guess is you could have twisted the pot around whilst tightening it and pulled loose a wire, hence the lack of signal. As others have pointed out, have a look and see if a wire has come loose. If so, it will need to be soldered back on to the correct location.
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