hi have been playing guitar now for 10 years. i have 2 ibanez guitars - a JEM7V and a RG series fitted with EMGs. I've been thinking about gettting a Jackson - I'd really love a King V2 but am wondering whats the difference between getting a Jackson RR3 or RR5 - they all have TB4's as bridge pickup - I know they'd be differences in wood and neck cut and electronics and durability but am wondering if they'd all have the same basic sound with the TB4 pickup's? I was even thinking of just getting a basic Ibanez with prestige neck and putting in a Seymour Duncan TB4 in the bridge as I'm used to and love their necks. I've done similiar with my Ibanez RG guitar - putting in the EMG's and it sounds awesome. Just looking for feedback and advice as to differences in guitars that have the same pickups? I can get a used RR3 for around €300 an RR5 for around €700 but a used King V2 would be around €1,500 - what would the makor differences be (would they be worth the extra money)? (am mainly just interested in sound rather than cosmetics) - thanks for reading & I'd appreciate any educated feedback - cheers