I'm looking to buy myself (well, get it for Christmas) an interface.
It shouldn't be more than €100.

The M-Audio Fast Track (Mk II, the newer one) is priced down to €85 and I'm really interested in it, but there's one little problem with it.
As far as I can tell (and I've done a bit of searching) it has only got an instrument input, but no line input. I'd also like to record the preamp of my ENGL Thunder through the fx loop. Or wont this be a problem?

If you guys can recommend me another interface that's under €100 I'll be glad to look it up.
I don't care much for the XLR, but it's a nice plus. I haven't got a mic yet, but maybe that'll come

TL;DR: interface >€100 for both line and instrument. (M-Audio Fast Track?)

edit: I'm looking for an USB interface btw
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the emu 0204 USB has line and instrument inputs, as well as a mic input. dont know much about it, but i recal that emu puts out some solid stuff. or at least the stuff i was looking at a few years ago was getting good reviews.

the lexicon alpha has line inputs as well as a mic and an instrument input. i havent heard great things about these though.

the original fast track is selectable between line and instrument input levels. it does not have phantom power though, so you cannot use a condensor mic if you wanted to get one down the road.