Is this a good idea?

Want to know how to get gigs?
Where to practice?
how to get the audience involved?
how to get more fans?

This is the place

This is the thread for bands who are having trouble or just have general queries
I see a lot of theads about people asking advice for their band, why not have it in one place?

Ok, so our band are doing alright, we are having our 4th gig on the 22nd of december, the only problem is that everyone seems to hate us
People acknowledge that we are alright (I think) but we have never had anyone dance or anything. the last gig we had there were loads of people there, and when we got on stage 70% of them walked out, every single one of them haven't heard us before.

Just a couple of months ago we won a battle of the bands against 5 other bands, what do pit?