Wrote this song a couple weeks ago, first real song I've ever written and been semi-happy with. I want to edit the middle part of the song a bit but this is what I have so far. Advice welcome and appreciated, I'll get you back if you do mine.


I’m like the auction of your life
Going once, going twice
I find myself sold on every word you speak
Waiting patiently you told me everything would be just fine
And you always were the best at speaking fallacies
Surround and defeat me, rinse and repeat these
Things that sound so good on paper have me crumpled up and left to burn
So I take another sip just to help myself forget
The words, the lies, the feelings that we felt

The same songs, the same lines
It’s like we’ve fought this battle one too many times
I’ll be right here in case you change your mind
She said to me, I said to her
These words we shared are getting easy to ignore
Everything you do and say is always so deceiving
Couldn’t tell you why I ever found this so appealing
You bring me down and rise me right back up again
So I take another sip and I tell myself it’s fine
And all I want to know is where you are tonight

You’re no good and I’m just fine
Can you reverse the eyes through which you see?
You’ll see it no differently
Recall all of the things we said, remove the tone
How’d we get so good at acting like we want to be alone?
We’ll try again, pack our bags for the same beginning
the long road back to start always leaves a bitter feeling
Your subtle comments were always so demeaning
So I take another sip just to help myself get by
And I’m not getting anywhere without you by my side