hi have been playing guitar now for 10 years. i have 2 ibanez guitars - a JEM7V and a RG series fitted with EMGs. I've been thinking about gettting a Jackson - I'd really love a King V2 but am wondering whats the difference between getting a Jackson RR3 or RR5 - they all have TB4's as bridge pickup - I know they'd be differences in wood and neck cut and electronics and durability but am wondering if they'd all have the same basic sound with the TB4 pickup's? I was even thinking of just getting a basic Ibanez with prestige neck and putting in a Seymour Duncan TB4 in the bridge as I'm used to and love their necks. I've done similiar with my Ibanez RG guitar - putting in the EMG's and it sounds awesome. Just looking for feedback and advice as to differences in guitars that have the same pickups? I can get a used RR3 for around €300 an RR5 for around €700 but a used King V2 would be around €1,500 - what would the makor differences be (would they be worth the extra money)? (am mainly just interested in sound rather than cosmetics) - thanks for reading & I'd appreciate any educated feedback - cheers
i haven't tried all the guitars you've mentioned- i'm going by the jacksons in the series you've mentioned that I have tried, and am assuming that the RRs follow a similar pattern.

RR3 is made in japan, has a bolt-on neck, and has an iffy trem. It's a nice guitar, but is let down by the trem. It's also bolt-on, if that affects anything for you.

RR5 is made in japan but is neck-thru. I think it's a hardtail, too, though i think there might be a version with a trem now, in which case it has teh FRt-x000, which is the korean-made version of the Schaller/German-made OFR. In that case, the trem is better than teh trem on the RR3, but not as good as a German Schaller OFR.

the RR1 is made in the USA, is neck-thru, and has a German/Schaller OFR (as far as i'm aware). It's the best of the 3, but is a lot more money.

The rr5 might be the smart choice, if you can get it cheap enough. If its price gets up towards the price of the RR1, then take teh RR1.

EDIT: what i said about the rr1 goes for the kv2, too.

regarding the bridge pickup- they'll probably all sound in the same ballpark but that's not to say they'll all sound exactly the same, either.

regarding the necks- to my fingers, jackson necks are in the same ballpark as ibanez wizard necks, but they're not exactly the same, either, so you'd need to try them to be sure you like them.
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