"Nick Locke and The Combination slowly came together over the summer months of 2011 but have been off to a fast start. With influences drawing from punk rock, bluegrass, and traditional music, the band has created their own sound - fast folk.

With the Combination only being several months old with the full line up, they already have done several shows, with each one being more successful than the last. Having built connections in such a short period of time, Nick Locke and the Combination are only heading up and looking to do as many shows in the future."

You can listening to us here: http://www.reverbnation.com/nicklockeandthecombination
Our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nick-Locke-The-Combination/186944468041964

We recorded our demo semi-live off the floor in one of our guitarists living room and then did vocals afterwards.

The song has changed a bit since then, mandolin solo has changed, more electric has been added, we usually use a full drum kit instead of a cajon, ect...

We're actually recording our whole gig tonight so if all goes as planned, we'll have some new live recordings up within a week or two!

Here's a clip from a show we did back in January... Shitty quality but you get the idea!
We're in the process of record our EP so good quality songs will soon appear!