And then i see people play stuff like this and my head explodes


and as if that wasn't impressive enough she sings along with it. I don't think i'll ever be that caliber.

what are some songs you don't think you'll ever be good enough to play?
are there any that you were really frustrated by that you ended up learning?

i could really use some success stories right about now.
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Honestly, if you never think you'll be that good, you'll never be that good, end of story. That's why I've seen people quit after seeing Yngwie live, or Steve Vai, or what have you, you have to believe that anything is possible, because it is possible to be that good with practice, there are gonna be players like Yngwie, Joe Satriani, Luca Turilli and Steve Vai in the future, it may as well be you.

But yeah, I've been in a fair few situations where I couldn't quite understand how the guitarist managed that, and it seems very daunting, for instance, the solo to Unholy Warcry by Rhapsody, that sweep pattern gave me so much trouble until I slowed it down and mastered it after weeks of practice. I'm also a massive Dragonforce fan, so I'm no stranger to the metronome, and while it is boring to play scale runs at about 100bpm and slowly speed it up, the end result is so unbelievably satisfying.

You will get there, I promise you, keep up the work, and it'll come to you in no time, in that video, it appears to be a simple matter of finger coordination and being able to sing and play at the same time, two techniques that can be practiced, I must admit, I've never owned an acoustic, so I've never seriously fingerpicked, but it'll be the same sort of exercise that you or I might use to improve our left hand technique.

It's good to see mind blowingly good players, but you have to remember, one of these days you'll be as good as them, but you've got to work for it!
When my head explodes which doesn't happen often (or I would never get my collage work done) I just get jealous and go practice for a couple hours.

Granted there are some people out there that just make me shake my head in wounder at how much time and effort they must have put in to get there.
Remember, all the people whom you consider to be great were once worse than you. The only thing standing between where you are and where they are is practise.
Speed is a by-product of shut the fuck up.
I find I can play it very slowly, but it's a "cant see the forest for the trees" sort of thing cuz it's hard to hear the song in my head at that slow of a pace. I guess i'll just work on playing it slowly until i get used to it. I really want to learn this song now. damn you jimmy page.