I have bought my first electric guitar -Ibanez s420- and I trying to record using the cakewalk au-4fx and Logic. I have tested the sound and it is really disappointing. I do not know if the audio card is really a good one or just a shit, or wether the guitar itself has bad picks, but the fact is that the sound is low, no sustain, no tapping technique is no possible...any suggestion? Thanks and sorry for my english
Not the guitars' fault.

Just how do you record? What soundcard?

Try and get yourself a decent USB or firewire soundcard, preferably with an instrument input rather than a line (ask your local shop! They will help you). Record straight into the soundcard and then apply a good amp simulator afterwards, like Line 6's Pod Farm 2, or the latest Peavey Revalver.
it sounds like you need to either A) Turn up the input on the AU-4 or B) remove any gates/ limiters you might have running on the input channel

The pups in the s420 sound great from what iv heard so unless you got a lemon id be looking at the soundcard, try running it through an amp?
Hi, I have run the guitar through a boss micro br instead of using the soundcard (AU-4fx) and the sound is acceptable now; I still must get used to it. So I have to get rid of the soundcard and spend much more money (I set the right input level with no gates/limiters)