Oh goody. Every idiotic milionaire with too much time on his hands is rejoicing right now.

Someone say my name?
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maybe it's because i secrely agree that tracedin inymballsackistheb best album ever

he's got the fire and the fury,
at his command
well you don't have to worry,
if you hold onto jesus' hand
....You can leave now TS
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Don't belittle it like that, your mom produces top quality stuff.


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HE'S F***ING FLYING! I want that so much.

EDIT: I bet that's what Tony Stark feels like.

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...and the Iron Man technology is finally revealed.
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No, it's plain science, women are evil

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Women = time x money
time = money
Money = √evil
women = √evil x √evil
women = evil
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Would a mermaid-human hybrid look like a mermaid, or a human?
These are the things that make me wish I was a capitalist.

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I remember Das_Skittles made me rage hard.

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I can't stand Das_Skittles everything he says makes me mad.

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Skittles is the shit you cuntles. Slob on his knob.

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well............ the first step has been taken people....

next.... who knows
RIP Ronnie James Dio

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RazorTheAwesome, if I was a Ditto, I'd transform into YOU

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Basically god wanted to punish people for getting educated/eating apples.

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We all desire a little pussy.
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what a ****in waste of money


For some reason I don't think you are going to last long here.
RIP Gooze

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what a ****in waste of money


Everyone stop having fun, some douche bag is here...
sim simma

who got the keys to my beema
holy shit i want that
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if thats ur idea of fun i feel sorry 4 u

that money could be spent helping homeless ppl or something

Well, why don't you go and help homeless people with your money if it's so important to you, instead of bitching at us from your soapbox?
~don't finkdinkle when ur supposed to be dimpdickin~
That long tube looks like it would get in the way. It's a little boat connected to a tube connected to the jet pack, definately not too agile looking.
It's times like this when I remember that even scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs do drugs.
I'm just like the Jonas Brothers,

I'm no longer relevant and write mediocre music.