Not a guitar player myself (my instrument only has 4 strings and is a bit smaller) and I work in care. I'm looking for a very small electric for someone for who a full-size (or even 3/4) is not an option, though they are serious enough that it needs to be a real instrument, not a toy.

I've seen quite a few on ebay and done enough research to know which ones not to go anywhere near, but I'd appreciate it if anyone had any experience of kids 1/2 or 1/4 scale guitars that they'd recommend. I've seen Encore, Johnson, Harley Benton, and Fender/Squire models.
The Squier ones tend to be decent. I was less impressed by the Encore I played but it wasn't terrible. Scale guitars tend to range from acceptable to barely instruments at all, which is what Johnson makes. That's with the 1/2 sizes. I don't know of any 1/4 scale guitars that are good, they seem to all be toys at that point.

I think the most valuable asset you could have with these small guitars would be someone who can do a very basic setup on them every once in a while to make sure the strings aren't an inch off the board and the intonation isn't completely wrong. Cheap instruments can become unplayable really fast if they're not cared for. None of these guitars are going to be stellar, but at least make sure they'll be playable for the kids. Most people can learn how to do a setup very easily, you just have to know/remember to do it.
Wow! That was quick, thanks. Yes unfortunately for physical disability reasons 3/4 is just a little too big. I'm being very careful to check the actual size of what I'm looking at too as sellers and manufacturers often call different things 1/2 and 1/4 size or scale.
The epiphone Vee wee or pee wee Les Paul. They are tuned to A I believe not E. Other than that maybe a luthier can make you one that small, but it'll cost you.
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Ltd kh junior?
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Quote by omidmash
Ltd kh junior?

That is a 3/4 scale guitar. He all ready said that 3/4 is too big.
Done a lot of searching and a 3/4 might be ok as some such as the Encore are only a 486mm scale so it depends on the actual size rather than what it's called.

You can try these. Its 20" which is just a little larger than 486mm

Any smaller than that and you are looking at basically a electric ukulele that wont tune to EADGBE
You mentioned something about disability, so that got me thinking. Because I know most 8 year olds can play a full sized guitar, perhaps not comfortably.

My concern is that getting a small scale guitar might not solve whatever the problem is.
Most of the small guitars will still have a full width neck.
The short scale length means that things like intonation will be much fussier.
(already mentioned) most small guitars are poor quality.

A 3/4 size guitar feels tiny. I can't imagine what a 1/2 would be like, or that ANYONE has small enough fingers to play a 1/4. Do you know that a two year old is approximately half their adult height?

Anyway, keep your options open. A custom built guitar might be what you really need. A cheaper option than full custom is a hybrid, not built from scratch, just add some strings to a ukulele.