I recently traded some stuff for a no-name guitar,but I don't know what it is.
Does anybody have a clue?
The headstock is PRS-ish like, or like Arbor guitars(the trussrod cover is the same again).
HSS, 24 frets, trem, bla bla. It doesn't have anything written on the headstock, and I think it never did.
Obviously it's a Chinese made guitar or something like that.
It's very light, don't know if that's a real flamed maple body, the guitar has 2.3 kg which is ridiculous

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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It has no serial number. That is really weird... I would almost want to say its handmade or from a very small company due to that fact...
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I kind of found out on my own from one of the previous owners

It's an ,,Arrow'' guitar , the headstock was cut like that on purpose. He said that it was an ugly headstock haha, chinese made
My Stagg acoustic has a very similar headstock
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