Has anyone used one of these ? Thinking of getting one.

Been going back and forth between something like this to get my guitar connected to my PC to use with Amplitube or just going with a product like Komplete Audio 6, M-Audio C400, Focusrite Saffire/Scarlet.
Those new M-Audio C boxes look real nifty! I would definitely chose an interface over one of those flimsy Stealth Plugs.

Also heard great things about the Focusrite Saffire series. The two I would look at would be the M-Audio C400 or Focusrite Saffire 6's.
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The Stealth Plug, if like the Lightsnake, has a built in sound card basically. They work OK. Definitely improves tone and latency coming into the PC. Mine had splitter built in too for a second connection to a amp. I'd rather have an interface and real mike though. I've heard great things about that Saffire from MatrixClaw. I have a lower end'ish Line 6 UX1 - but it works great and comes with Pod Farm
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Cheers for the input.

Might continue looking at getting a USB interface - that way it will give me a few more recording options should I end up getting more into home recording.

Yep - those new new M Audio C400, C600 look neat. Heard good reports about Focusrite (Saffire is Firewire, Scarlett is USB) and Komplete Audio 6.