This is a song I just finished writing for my band. This was unusual, since I normally take quite a while to finish a song, and I normally don't do it at all lol. Still not shure it's band material, since I haven't showed my band mate yet, I hope he aproves it, i like it alot . The blank solo part with the "Your solo" mark is for my band mate obviously, and my solo is just filler, so I might rewrite it or not, dunno. This song was inspired basically by old school Entombed and Vomitory mainly, and it was just to be a test with writing d-beat riffs, i really like it lawl. C4C is applied here, obviously.
EDIT: Win, this is now band material, that means if we end up recording this I'll post a link to the recorded version
ergt GP5.mid
ergt GP5.gp5
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I can hear both of the bands you listed, especially entombed, and you used the d-beat pretty well too. the only bad thing in my opinion is the fact it's too repetitive but maybe that's due to the lack of the vocals. the midi sounds a little like entombed too lol. I would have made it a little more intricate in some parts, but that's just me. overall cool song, killer genre, one of my favorites. if you want, crit my old school death metal song: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1503804
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Once again, a very straightforward song. There were a couple parts that could've used something a little more, maybe drumwise. Good stuff though.