the finishes will be either a Heritage Cherry Sunburst for the LP or candy apple red for the strat.
totally different guitars so it just comes down th which will suit you needs better.
Play em both, see which one you like better. The LP will have a set in mahogany neck and mahogany body, rosewood fretboard. stop tail bridge, 22 frets. It will sound very dark and heavy.

The start has a bolt on alder body and maple neck/fretboard, 21 frets. non-locking tremolo.
It will sound very bright with lots of attack and bite to it.

The strat has a Dimarzio Tone Zone in the bridge and Fender SCN pickups in the neck and middle. The traditional plus will have Gibson stock '57 pickups..
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well ya I know what the specs are I was just looking for opinons on which is better I guess
Too different to compare. I like both strats and Les Pauls but I would probably go for the Gibson.
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I have both a Gibson Les Paul Standard and a USA Fender Strat. In my opinion, the strat is the more versatile. There are far more sounds due to the three pickups and 5 way switch. However, the Les Paul has a shit load more power behind it. Much fatter sound. It also, in my guitars, has more sustain than the Strat. Upper fret access is much better on the strat than the Les Paul. Tuners are less likely to get knocked on a strat than a les paul. It depends what you need from the guitar. They are two very different guitars.