Ok, Im buying my first electric guitar. I played acoustic guitar for a couple of years so im not total newbie. Im mostly thinking between 2 options, ephiphone lp special 2 and jackson js 30 dinky. I really like looks of 2 ephiphones i saw (ebony and cherry-wood), jackson not so much. I mostly play all kind of stuff but not that much metal so the only reason im considering jackson is couse its on sale and its almost same price as ephiphone (just a little bit pricier). So how does jackson fare at pop/rock, blues, folk and that kind of music? Is it much better than ephiphone (enough to compensate for being uglier to me)? Also if you think some other guitar is better for price round 200e (260-270 dollars) pls suggest.
Never, ever get a Special II. They are so god-awfully bad. Anything but that abomination.
I avoided the en-masse acquisition of Squier Strats when I started playing but I've yet to come across a bad one so that might be an option. That said, they weigh a bloody ton! I can't stress the best technique for buying a new guitar - walk into a shop knowing your budget, play everything inside that budget and guage what feels / sounds best for you. Wand -> wizard = Guitar -> guitarist
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May I suggest a used Epi G-400 or a Fender MIM strat? You can find both of those for around that price. They won't be new, but they are better than almost anything you can find new for <$300.

Also, the Squier stuff isn't all that bad, price considered. They can't compare to the real Fender stuff, but they are solid, especially if you want to modify it later.
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you can do much better than an epiphone les paul special II. Those are pretty much meant for people who have never played guitar a day in their life... Try looking at other guitars in your price range. You already have experience playing guitar... get something you can enjoy
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Used markets in trusted classifieds can land you amazing deals from people giving up completely, from epiphone les paul standards for 200 bucks, to other hidden gems.
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Ok, thanks for the suggestions. I guess il just test that Jackson and a few Squier guitars and see what fits me best. I'll be avoiding les paul special 2, judging by the comments its pretty crappy.