Hey guys, I've been a beneficiary of the ultimate-guitar forums since I was strumming in junior high. I've really gained alot from the site, learned through the pitfalls and successes of much better players than myself and generally have had a great time with it.

That having been said, this is sort of my presentation to UG frequenters, Myles Stone, my Montreal-based alternative rock band.

We are a band of many influences testing the waters and finding our own sonic signature and so far people seem to be digging our tunes. That being said, I would absolutely kill for the quality critiques I've seen on this forum time and time again so if anyone can spare the time.. give it a listen.. I'm fairly sure there will be some pleasant surprises

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New song preview posted! "Could I be Right?" showing a harder edge to the chillmusic band.


For all those with short attention spans that want a quick description of the songs posted before listening:

Let It Rain (Dany Hawa) - Wrote with a big chorus and a singing audience in mind, the arena rock influences are abundant in this rocker.

Could I Be Right? (Dany Hawa/Rob Marfleet) - A snippet of our new track in the works, could I be right hopefully showcases more mature songwriting with a darker edge to it.. tell us you don't like the geetar riff if you can! (actually don't... fragile egos bruise easily :P)

I don't Know (Dany Hawa) - Prerequisite panty dropper that gratifies the males that can bear a little sensitivity with a smooth-as-silk lead over the top. Moisture commences!

Can Hardly Wait (Dany Hawa) - Feel good music to the max with a surprise genrebending drop that will please the Rastafarians who so frequently use the UG boards.

Hope this info helps and justifies this ever-so-subtle update! Really would appreciate any feedback (negative or positive) and constructive criticism.. I know I'll get right on doing the same for other posts on this board so that I can amass some feedback-karma!
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