Hello there fellas, I recently did a cover of Jesper Stromblad's side project Dimension Zero, the song Hell Is Within from their last album.

I basically suck at playing tight enough, but I love the wall of sound that quadtracking results in, so I couldn't keep myself from quadtracking the rhythm guitars. I've mic'ed up my 5150 and the ENGL V30 2x12 cab with an SM57 directly on the dustcap's edge, with Andy Sneap preset of C4 to control the lower mids, and a little bit of HPF/LPF around 90Hz/12kHz. The bass beneath is not a real bass, just the guitar octaved down with the Waves Soundshifter, and Amplitube Ampeg SVX simulation, with RedWirez bass cabinet impulses. Drums are Superiordrummer 2.0 Metal Foundry with some samples mixed via Drumagog.

Any creative, constructive criticism is welcome, since I'm still new at recording stuff.

Thanks in advance!

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Initial impression: Spread the wall of sound guitars out a bit more. The center of the field feels really empty. Even if there were vocals I think the guitars would be panned too far out to the edges. Just a tad more in. Like 10-15 more towards the center on each side. Keep a set of them at 100L n slowly pan them into like 80 or something.

The guitar distortion is beautiful though, great job on that. It's a really crushing tone. I use SD too, great program :P no problems with the drum sounds.

The only nitpick I have is at 2:30 when the snare starts coming in the fade in with it sounds a tad fake. Play with the velocity or timings more on the hits so it sounds a tad more real? Maybe a delay on the guitars.

It was actually really good and really nicely recorded. I *loved* the distortion. Solid tone there.

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Don't listen to metal much anymore but Dimension Zero is a great band. Your cover was great.
Thanks for the feedback fellas. I'm thinking of doing another cover of theirs soon enough.
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