So would sound quality be better to play amp sims from pc speakers/headset or headphone out to amp? (interface has no to amp output connects right to pc)
I'm unsure of what you mean.

Do you mean headphone out from PC speakers to an amp? That wouldn't work so well. What are you running and what do you want to run?
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Yea I tought so, was just wondering about doing something like that to run vst thru ty for the response.
I hooked my PC sound card up to a 4x12 cab once, using the power amp from my speakers and a 1/4" jack adapter.
Disabling the speaker sim in Amplitube and then belting it through the cab sounded amazing!

However for normal use, a set of good quality PC speakers or headphones will do fine.
Just wondering if you run a 3.55 mm cable from pc headphone out to amp aux directly will it blow up something?