Hi guys, new here. I just picked up a used Zoom pedal from the local pawnshop but ive got an issue. Unfortunately, the volume/wah/fx pedal is kind of messed up. It only works in the top most part of the range. Say that the volume all the way up position is 100%, it only works in the 95-100% range of motion if you understand what I mean. (if not I can video it haha) the thing is, sometimes it crackles in and out as if a cable was bad, too. (I've checked all the cables). Anyhow, I have a 30 day warranty but I got it cheap and aside from this minor setback, I love this pedal.

I was mainly trying to see what to do to fix this issue. Is it a dirty contact most likely? Or has the switch gone bad and need to be replaced? For the most part I'm decently soldering/repairing proficient, so let me know what I need to do or try first (: