Choice of songs:

Fade - Karnivool - I wanted to do a Karnivool song that some of the Karnivool fans on here might not have heard before. This is from their Persona E.P.

Just A Day - Feeder - My favourite song for the past 10 years, Feeder also aren't that well known outside the UK.

Building Castles - Sugar Army - I'm not sure how many people have heard of this Perth band, but they've gigged all over Australia and support Karnivool for most of their Aussie gigs. This is on of my favourite songs by them

Natives - blink-182 - Not strictly Modern Rock per say, but this is pretty rocky, from Neighbourhoods. One of my favourite songs from it, it's very different from some of their other stuff.

Normal - Porcupine Tree - The Live version of one of my favourite Porcupine Tree songs, from the Anesthetize DVD.

Snakeskin - Gyroscope - Same deal as Sugar Army. Probably not well known outside of Australia, another Perth band who got pretty big here. This is a pretty awesome tune.

Tangled Up In Plaid - Queens of the Stone Age - My favourite QOTSA song, has a friggin' epic chorus (I love the twang of the low C)

New York - Eskimo Joe - Another Perth band, these are probably the best known Perth band in Australia from this list. This is the song that got me into them, the whole of Black Fingernails, Red Wine is an awesome album.

Brendan's Death Song - Red Hot Chili Peppers - My favourite song from the new album. It's so mellow, but has an absolutely epic ending. This was a highlight from the first time I heard it.

Comforting Sounds - Mew - This is perhaps the most amazing thing I've ever heard. I strongly recommend not listening to this in the background, but actually paying attention to it. It's the most hauntingly beautiful thing I've ever heard, and it builds up to be astonishingly good at the end. Listen to the whole thing, you won't regret it.

Previous Weeks:

Week 1 - 10/15 - Ben (BenRaah) - Rock/prog
Week 2 - 10/22 - Mike (Squall142) - Gangsta rap
Week 3 - 10/29 - Harry (hazzmatazz) - Weird rock stuff/Halloween
Week 4 - 11/5 - Kai (Uber-rocker) - "All rock, with a little roll here and there"
Week 5 - 11/12 - Steve (steve_muse) - Misc (I'm getting bad at this)
Week 6 - 11/19 - Will 1 (Alter-Bridge) - Lots of different stuff with guitars in it
Week 7 - 11/26 - David (edgeyyz) - A bunch of epics
Week 8 -12/3 - Will, the Cockatoo

Still to come

Week 10 - 12/17 - Andy (badpun)
Week 11 - 12/24 - Stephen (stepco12345)
Week 12 - 12/31 - Aodhan (Duffman123)

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Enjoy Folks
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I'll probably listen through all of this in about an hour, so I'll post my thoughts soon.
What is it with you people and karnivool? I'll have a listen later
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This looks good. There are bands I listen to that are awesome mixed in with some I've heard of but haven't gotten around to listening to. I'll listen now.
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What is it with you people and karnivool? I'll have a listen later

Hey, that's my line

Although I did really like this Karnivool song. The first two songs I really liked. Blink's songs since reforming have been much better then before, and Loove Brendan's Death Song. Solid list man!
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I didn't care for the Blink 182 song, but the others were all pretty good.

Edit: I listened through again, here are some more detailed thoughts on each.

Fade - Good choice for a starter, not as good as anything off of their albums, but a great song nonetheless.

Just a Day - I've listened through one Feeder album before (I can't remember what it was to be honest), but I liked this track more than anything off of the album. I'll have to listen to more of their stuff.

Building Castles - Not bad, but it didn't really stand out for me. I'll probably give it another listen when I look through all the mixes before Round 2 starts.

Natives - As I said earlier, I didn't really care for it. From all of the Blink stuff I've heard, it's seemed pretty meh to me. Not my cup of tea.

Normal - Phenomenal choice of a PT song. The Anesthetize DVD was actually the first time I heard it, so this specific performance worked well too.

Snakeskin - I liked it a bit, out of all the stuff I hadn't heard beforehand, I think this one stood out the most to me. Will check out more of their stuff before too long.

Tangled Up in Plaid - Great song by a great band. Good choice here.

New York - I feel like I've heard this one before. Not my favorite from the mix, but one of the better ones.

Brendan's Death Song - I definitely prefer their funk-rock stuff, but this was a pretty good song. After hearing The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie, I was very underwhelmed and brushed off the new album, but I'll have to at least check out the rest of it now.

Comforting Sounds - As a whole, it sounded pretty good. I wouldn't go so far as to say it was the greatest thing I've ever heard, but it makes me want to hear more of their stuff.
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I didn't care for the Blink 182 song, but the others were all pretty good.

To be fair, that was a relatively low quality video.

/blink fanboy

I listened to it. Thoughts:

Karnivool song was kind of boring, even though I like them. Feeder and Sugar Army were good, and surprisingly, I've heard both of those songs before without realising who they were. I obviously liked blink. Porcupine Tree was better than I was expecting. I'm indifferent to Gyroscope and Queens of the Stone Age, and Mew is awesome.
Hey Dan, decent mix bro. The Karnivool song was alright, although it's quite clear that they've progressed a lot since then. Feeder was good, for some reason I wasn't expecting it to be the song that it ended up being. I ended up skipping Sugar Army and Blink 182 after a minute or two, but Gyroscope and Eskimo Joe weren't as bad as I thought they were. Porcupine Tree is a great choice, as always. The QOTSA and RHCP were a bit "meh" for me, but Mew brought it home. Very very awesome song.
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I think I'm going to stick to the same bands for the next round then, maybe not the more well known ones, but definitely Gyroscope, Mew, Sugar Army, Eskimo Joe, Feeder and probably early Karnivool too.
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