Does it actually concern anybody how many wrong tabs there are on here?Why so many tabs for the same song that are wrong?I think some people are even copying down the wrong tabs,re submitting them as there own,saying "please rate me,please rate me"it is all rather silly.Check out Pretty Vacant by the pistols.The intro obviously has 3 notes played twice each over and over.My guess would be open A x2.the A on the 3rd string x2 and the E on the forth string x 2 with the open A played again in between each.Pretty simple 3 notes : 1 note,second note,1st note again,3rd note,simple you would think.But no,it is written as 2 notes,not once but in a whole bunch of repeated tabs.Why are repeated tabs wrong,It surely cant be a coincidence.The pro tabs on this site are great but the rest.... It is even getting to the stage that anyone with an ounce of music listening ability is mocking this very site.I know different interpratations are good but the same wrong tab stuck up 20 times is stupid.Someone should really filter this stuff out for the good of the site.As for stealing then claiming please rate me if you cant a least check the tab before stealing it your an idiot.It is not helping anyone and do I really have to say again that this stuff should really be filtered out!
Some of the stuff that I've come across is so horribly off that I recon the person who both made the tab and who opted it to go through are both absolutely tonedeaf....and those were pro tabs (I only download pro). Sometimes things like that may go through because no one has posted anything related to that particular song yet or there are very few.
But the database is enormous with thousand of tabs in a variety of formats. Imagine someone going through that?! And grant that a person has to be familiar with a song (or listen to it a few times) to be able to deem it good or bad. Nice rant, bro. And I agree with you on one level. But talk about it being a mission.
If only there were some sort of rating system so we could see which tabs were good and which were bad...
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I don't believe there's always been the same level of moderation on the site there is now.

Newly contributed tabs go into a queue to be reviewed before they are made public, but as far as I can recall back when the site first started anything was just automatically added as soon as it was submitted. Like the other guy said, there's no way all those old tabs are ever going to be reviewed now that a system is in place.
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Featherman,does this mean you think its fine.Some of these do get rated plus all the 16 yr olds "rate me rate me". I've seen the same song as mentioned tabed 00000000 no rating .Of coarse no rating the guy is taking the piss it shouldn't be up to even rate.The 2 note version is rated fine.
Its 3 notes.Its hardly Great Trucking Songs Of The Renassaunce.3 notes,I think this is concerning,why would I pay attention to the rating if the rating people are the same people doing the tabs.
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