I used this following lift of some thread.

Budget? - 500 euro (700 dollar)

Genres? - Metal/Hard rock/Classical

New or Used? Doesnt matter

Home or Gig? Home, but I want to gig with it to

Closest City? - The Netherlands

Current Gear? - Fender Squire bullet strat (cost me 100 euro), Behringer 100w combo amp (cost me 170 euro)

i'm quite happy about the amp, it gives a real good sound, (its a vitual tube amp, so basicly it copies the tube amp sound).

What can I buy for 500 euro to get the closest sound for stuff like metallica?
my idea is to buy a 440 euro Epiphone '84 reissue with EMG pickups. do you guys have any better ideas?
Try to get a nice deal the internet. On Marktplaats you sometimes find some amazing deals. Just look on there for something you'd like and maybe in a while you'll find something bitchin'.
You don't really need any super high output pickups. Just look for an instrument that feels and plays really well and has 2 nice sounding humbuckers. If it's set up to handle low gauge strings (like 0.12) that's a bonus if you're planning to use this thing for rhythm playing 'cos it'll help you get a fatter, chunkier sound. If you want to use this baby for soloing and stuff go for regulars. The bending will be much easier

Locking nuts and tuners are a BIG bonus

And yeah, check out eBay, Speurders or Marktplaats. There's tons o' Schecters, Ibanezes, LTD's, etc. waiting to be purchased at very reasonable prices. Just don't make up your mind before trying one first (and IF you find a nice bargain, try checking out a similar model at your local guitar store)

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Go for a new amp as well. Or at least get the Blackstar HT pedal if your amp has a nice clean sound. Andertons did how to sound like Metallica for under £1000, so the advice I'm giving is attempting to be cheapest passable.

Search used!