So after 2 years of GASing for a 6 string bass, I made an agreement with my parents to split on a new bass as a Christmas gift. The local store here and this on sale for cheaper than the 506, so I couldn't say no .

Well, I've only played it for maybe an hour so far but as far as I'm concerned, this is the perfect bass for me. I love the contour of the neck, it plays really smooth and fast. The shape of it seems to help anchor my left hand a little better for tapping as well, which is nice. As far as the electronics go, they're wayyyyy better than the setup in either my Jazz or my Widow. The Bartolinis sound great in this, and the EQ has proven to be really easy to use to dial in different tones.

Alot of people seem to be hesitant about the low B on 34" scales and I don't find that it's a problem with this bass. The strings stay nice and tight once they're tuned up properly, and the only way I get any buzz at all is if I'm playing ridiculously hard on them. The low B has really nice clarity to it, even through my little practice amp. I'm looking forward to getting a chance to plug this thing into a bigger rig and see how it sounds.

Anyways, enough chit chat - pics.

My Gear:
Fender Squier VM Jazz Bass
Ibanez RGD7421
Jackson DXMG
Line 6 Pod X3
My bass teacher has that bass. Except for the tight spacing on the strings (making slap a bit of a bear), its a great bass. I agree, I love the neck profile on them.