So I'm in the planning stage of getting some effects for my rig. I may end up getting a multi-effects unit to control, along with my amp, via midi. For my wah, I really would like a motion activated wah. Basically what I mean is something that is activated when I put my foot on it, and when I take my foot off it springs back and goes to bypass. Similar to a Crybaby 95Q and Morley Tremonti.

Are there any multi-effects units that are capable of doing this? POD HD, Axe FX, TC G-Major, Eleven Rack, anything? Also if there exists such a system, are there any controllers that you recommend that spring back when I take my foot off?

I haven't ruled out a mix of using a few individual pedals along with a multi-effects unit, but I really would like to keep my rig as small as possible and keep my guitar plugged behind me to a rack. Edit: Come to think of it, I realize it's going to take up as much space in my rig as an actual wah pedal. Still, I'm curious what's out there.
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Somewhere on the internet are plans to build a rackmount wah for cheap. It's controlled via a MIDI foot controller and it's activated when it leaves a certain position. If you can find one to buy or are able to just build it yourself, I'd recommend that, and put a spring underneath the expression pedal on the foot controller
I've never met a simulated wah that sounded anything like the real thing. Personally I'd just get the 95Q. I bet something like the Axe is set up to use an expression pedal for the wah in the way you describe, but I haven't gotten to use one yet so I don't know if that's the case.
Pretty sure the Axe FX can do this, you'd just need a spring loaded expression pedal. Mission Engineering make various pedals with a spring option.
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