hi there. my question is :
can i turn on 2 effects simultaneously( for exmaple from fx1 - screamer & graphic eq together) ?
p.s. i have read the manual but didnt see anything about that
does it mean that i can turn on 2 effects from fx1 and 2 from fx2 , or 3 from fx1 and 1 from fx3?
I don't think so; I think you can only pick one from each FX section.

EDIT: Yeah, because of the way the FX knobs are set up on the HD300 you can only have one from each grouping of effects, e.g. you can't have two effects going from FX1 at once.
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Yeah I think helicopters is right. You could try posting this question in the DSP thread. There is a guy who posts in there who has an hd300
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