Hey guys, I've been asked to play the guitar for my school's rendition of Queen's We Will Rock You Musical, which i have to learn 31 songs for July (Really Excited!). Ive been given the tracks to listen to, and this is one of them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7xJzpwjl0I It's the version of "Somebody to Love" i need to learn. The singer who plays Scaramouche sings this in a different key, i'm sure. My guitar doesnt sound right with the original notes (I used the higher rated Guitar pro file on this site for reference).
Am i right in thinking this version is a half-tone higher than queens original?
Thanks guys for the help It sounds right, but a second opinion is always cool
Queen's original version of Somebody To Love, from Greatest Hits II & III is a half step lower than the version you posted. I was playing your version using A major and Queen's in Ab major, or G#.
ah brilliant thanks man, now to just figure out the structure differences XD Thanks again!
They didn't give you music to read from? Usually pit gigs supply sheet music...I would honestly be kind of pissed off if I agreed to play for a musical and then they told me I had to learn all the songs by ear. Sure, it's good to practice transcription, but that just seems annoying.