Hey, so i have mexi strat from 07 that i love.

i want to get some better tuning on my guitar so i want to change the tuners to some locking ones, change the nut and bridge.

thing is i really don't know much about modding or what to look for. So i was wondering what kind of nut i should get? and what kind of bridge?
someone had mentioned to me that i can only put mexican bridges and not american ones onto a mexi strat.

some andvice and clarification would be awesome.

thanks and cheers!

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look at guitarfetish.com if you want to save a few bucks, or you'll spend a small fortune upgrading your guitar.
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the bridge you can use will be dependent on how the bridge works really. Theres 2 point trems and other ones (dont remember the number) where they have like 6-8 screws that connect the bridge to the body but still allow it to rock. Figure that out, then you shouldnt have too much of a hard time finding a replacement.

Changing nuts is a bit difficult unless you have proper nut files or if you can buy a pre-slotted nut. One fix id try before changing the nut is to put some pencil graphite in the slots (just get a pencil and trace the slot a few times). This will help with friction.

Almost any tuners will fit (most of the time..) to almost any guitar. Take out one of your tuners and measure the hole and then you can buy a set of tuners with that shaft dimension. They're usually all the same though :S i dont quite remember how I decided what tuners to use on my squier..

Good luck!
I highly recommend upgrade the bridge with a tremolo with stainless steel saddles and a nice fullsize either stell or brass block. Locking tuners like spertzal style ones should work well.
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